New Year, New Kind of Resolution

I don’t make New Year resolutions, normally.  But this year I was inspired.  I was inspired by a TED talk clip and a Kardashian Instagram post.  Weird, right?

So, about a week ago I was watching a clip from a TED talk that was about “30 day challenges”.  I’ve done these before, as I’m sure most have, on Facebook groups, focusing on healthy habits, weightloss, etc.  However, this guy did all sorts of 30 day challenges, saying that while you can do anything for 30 days, and it will typically become a habit, trying all these new things for 30 days was even more exciting.  Time did not pass in a blur for him – he could remember most days with absolute clarity, truly feeling he had lived in the moment and had been focused and present in even the “mundane”.

A few days ago, Kloe Kardashian posted on Instagram some side-by-side photos of her weightloss, with her message being a focus of self-love and self-care.  She wrote that she was not so much worried about the way she used to look, but on the unhealthy way she was living her life.  She also went on to talk about making a decision to live, not just take a back seat on the ride.  She was tlaking about mindfulness.

As a mom, wife, homeowner, employee, etc, I am very rarely mindful.  I just need to get through the to-do list and the day with my sanity intact.  And is that any way to LIVE?

So I’ve decided to combine the TED talk and Kardashian inspirations into mini “New Year Resolutions”.  I am resolving to commit 30 days to a bunch of things that are important to me, because if I can focus and be mindful on one of those things for 30 days, even that will be a vast improvement to my self-care.

I am holdling myself accountable via Instagram, vowing to post my daily commitments, starting with 30 days of yoga (because most days, my whole damn body hurts from sitting at a desk, lugging toddlers around, etc.)  Then we’ll try 30 days of salads, writing in a journal, going for a walk, organizing a part of the house, and learning something new.  And like the guy on the TED talk, I hope it helps me connect, relax, and take care of my self, so that I can be good for the other people in my life who depend on me.  Wish me luck!

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