How cliche.  I am drinking a cold glass of box-o-wine pinot grigio as I type this.  If that doesn’t sum up life right now, I’m not sure what else could!

I am a 30-something wife and mother.  I have two kiddos, who are only 15 months apart in age.  That’s right, just three blessed months between pregnancies.  So, basically, I was pregnant for two years straight.  My youngest is just coming up on his first birthday, so it’s pretty crazy in my house.  We also have two dogs, five chickens, and a big veggie garden.  I work full-time (from home, thankfully) and my husband works full-time as well.  There is understandably, a LOT going on.  But lots of laughs, hugs, and moments filled with heart-wrentching love too.

My friends (the few I have left) think I’m funny (I think it’s just sarcasm), and one suggested I start documenting this crazy life in a blog.  So you can blame her.


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